Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends! Thanks for stopping in for our annual blog. I like to decorate with the holiday cards I receive and I realized that the cards with a bunch of tiny photos on them we're just--well, not holiday cards! Thus, this blog.
We did quite a bit of traveling this year starting with Austin and San Antonio in May. The food, the BBQ, the history! We loved it there and plan to go back!                                                         Our hobby, letterboxing ( takes us to the most unusual and fabulous places. Like this one: the Toilet Seat Museum! Barney Smith, the 90-year old proprietor and artist in residence was a hoot and showed us all around his backyard "garage" where he'd decorated, painted and carved 1,068 (new and unused) toilet seats! Truly, it was a highlight of our year.

Our annual trip to Nantucket in September included a 3-day stay in Boston. We scratched off an item on our "Bucket List"--a game at Fenway Park! Seeing the Red Sox a month before they won the series was FABulous! We also walked the    
Freedom Trail, saw some wonderful, historic treasures and met some interesting characters--this one at the oldest tavern in America.
Every 10 years, John and I celebrate something special: This was our 60-40-60 year. We both turn 60 years old and celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Avery and Jessica (who celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary) joined us in Kaua'i for 8 days.  
Kaua'i was beautiful and we were all over the island enjoying its sun, hiking trails, beaches, restaurants and beauty. We were particularly taken with the sunrises coming through the bedroom window of our condo in Princeville every morning.

We invited Jeff to come but it would have taken 24 hours, one-way, for him to travel from southern Spain so he opted for a special Skype to all of us while we were there. We always look forward to our Sunday morning Skypes with Jeff and his dog Bea! The wonders of technology!! Jeff loves the "sweet, little village" he lives in where the streets are decorated in mosaic stones and the orange trees that line the streets have abundant fruit free for the picking. 

As I write, we've just returned from a trip to our favorite rainy city, Portland, and before the year's up, we'll hit Yosemite and Las Vegas--the best deal for a Christmas vacation, especially when our daughter and "DIL" can easily meet us there from their home in West Hollywood.
We wish you all a glorious holiday and a new year full of love and joy. Please drop us a line at and let us know what's been going on this year for you!